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1983 e Beginning Arabian Printing has its roots in AFDAP (Al Farzdaq Designs &Printing) AFDAP was founded by Mr. Kunjumon Parakkal just ve years a er he moved to Dubai. Envisoning an opportunity in printing industry, he set up shop as a one man screen printing company. 1994 Promo Advertising LLC Promo Advertising was formed to cater to the Advertising &Printing needs of our clients. We were a printing services provider and did not have a printing press at this stage. 2002 Arabian Printing Press LLC Arabian Printing Press was established and we started printing on our own. In order to keep up with our customer expectations and Dubai's rapid growth & development, we had to expand at this stage. 2007 Arabian Printing &Advertising FZLLC We shi ed to International Media Production Zone (IMPZ as it was then known) as a full edged printing press, operating out of two rented warehouses. Promo Advertising and Arabian Printing Press was now combined to form Arabian Printing &Advertising Our rst Heidelberg speedmaster CD machine was installed here. 2019 Growth &Development We moved to our purpose built warehouse in Dubai Production City for future growth & development. Located at the professionally designated area for media production, now we are amongst the leading Printing Press in Dubai, with more than 35 years of experience in the industry. OUR STORY