Offset printing is presently the most dominant form of high volume commercial printing because of its numerous advantages like

 •  Consistent high image quality

 •  Cheapest method to produce high quality printing in commercial      printing qualities
 •  Quick and easy production of printing plates
We proudly boast about our technically advanced offset machines which include
Heidelberg Speed master CD 102 It ensures accurate 5 color printing to the maximum size of 70 × 100 cms. It offers users the very latest press control technology. Operations are carried out by computronics method by using touch screen technology hence reducing human involvement and thereby completely eliminating low quality products.

• Heidelberg Printmaster 74 This intelligent little junior can provide 2 color printing to the maximum of 50 × 100 cms size.

• Heidelberg GTO 52 This friendly little master helps in printing small run jobs like business cards, envelopes, invitations, stationeries and special color jobs to the size of 35× 52 cms.
• Asterix Roll to Pack Multicolor Continuous Stationery Press This huge little friend can cater to your continuous stationery needs to the maximum paper size of 15 × 60 cms.
Press Card Pro MGI MGI Digital Graphic Technology, the multi substrate i.e. paper and plastic, 4 color digital solutions that can print, laminate, crease and cut in just one pass.
ARABIAN PRINTING & ADVERTISING FZ LLC is undoubtedly your one stop shop for all quality commercial offset like brochures, magazines, booklets, newsletters, stationeries, corporate communication materials and much more.
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