Screen Printing

The most traditional method of printing which uses a stencil method by squeezing ink past the threads of the woven mesh in open areas. Traditionally, silk was used for this technique and hence the name Silk Screen Printing. Nowadays, polyester is being increasingly used for this.

In recent world, the popularity for this method of printing is declining rapidly due to its high cost and burdensome methods. But its high quality finishing is still unbeatable! There are still very few customers in the market who prefer screen printing.

Although screen printing is on a decline, it is still the best cost efficient and high quality method for printing on garments. This technique is also used on innumerable items like clock & watch faces, balloons, mugs, acrylic displays and many more.

At ARABIAN PRINTING & ADVERTISING FZ LLC, screen printing is still a part of us so as to satisfy each and every requirement of our customers.

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